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  Special Thanks


Family first and foremost:   My wife Debbie is my most avid fan and supporter, putting up with my closed door rehearsal and studio time as well as repetitive song rehearsal and development on my Kawai Grand in our great room. I appreciate her patience. Also, family members have provided inspiration for much of my original  instrumental music such as "Addison's Lullaby,"  "Jill Marie's Melody" and "Debbie's Waltz," all of which will are on my 3rd CD ("Trees of Life") and several songs inspired by my 'musician parents' on 4th CD ("Legacies").

Big shout out to my former band mates who have encouraged and supported my efforts, especially Frank "Otis" Cservak and the rest of the guys from Stained Soul and The South Barracks Band at West Point. Getting back into creative mode in 2012 while recording "The Long Gray Album" provided the seed I needed to get started again in writing music after a 37 year hiatus. Also, special thanks to Otis in helping to promote my CD distribution in PA and New York. Stan Dixon and Don Blakely proved especially helpful and supportive with Mozarts project Oct 2014. Sadly one my bandmates (Drummer Bill Nicklaus) passed away in December 2016......who will forever be missed. 

Big thanks to many my Arizona neighbors and friends who have attended local venue performances here in Arizona. You make it worthwhile.............nothing worse than playing to an empty room, your presence is appreciated!

Special thanks to good friends To all friends have supported my musical efforts by purchasing CDs and attending performances and I thank you all!  And to those piano playing friends who purchased my Song Book ("Songbook" - 2017), special thanks as the book was a great deal of work to put together. Ohio and Arizona friends alike have been especially supportive. All you Saddlebrookers who attend my local performances in Tucson, thank you. And thanks to Dave and Stacy Raneri of the Patio Cafe for hosting my patio performances. And of course, there is Dr. Stephen Cook and the board members at the Oracle Piano Society. It was my pleasure to have served on the board and to have the opportunity of performing at the organizations new facility - OrCA - in Oracle, AZ. 

Songbook project: Special thanks to all who aided in big ways and small: Kathy Parsons (reviews/ratings), Rebecca Oswald (transcriptions), Gary Girouard (sourcing and encouragement), Michele McLaughlin (logistical assistance/ printing), David Hicken (encouragement and commitment) and Oasis Disc Mfg. (speedy production of CDs).

Musical Inspiration and support - this has to go out to all the great creative artists, songwriters and musicians in the world who keep providing new music for us all to listen to and appreciate....including especially the creative pianists and songwriters such as Jim Brickman, Omar Akram as well as the traditional rockers Elton John and Billy Joel who continue to be influences to me. I also wish to thank the New Age Music Circle who chose to include me on their annual music compilation "Sounds of the Circle" in 2018 (the 10th anniversary edition).