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Click the button below to see and hear my recent live recording in my Ohio studio of "Summer Interlude," the song selected by the New Age Music Circle for its MP3 Compilation Project "Sounds from the Circle X" (tenth anniversary edition) live version is piano only so it lacks the bass, strings and flute that appear on the recorded and mastered version. The original "record" date was September 24, 2015 (full audio version above in sampler)

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  • Addison's Lullaby3:15
  • Esperanza 3:17
  • Mornings Fog3:33
  • Talisman4:03
  • Aurora3:26
  • Morning Muse4:34
  • 2000 miles4:08
  • Target Hill Interlude2:43
  • Summer Interlude - 9:24:15, 1.32 PM3:15
  • Snoqualmie Suite5:13