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I am so humbled and honored to share in the continued blossoming and beautiful debut of your vision of the world. Your new music is beautiful and moving. We had weekend guests and they were blown away by your CDs. Rich G (Charleston, SC)


"Hasn't it been said that music soothes the soul? Well listening to your music has brought me great comfort. I plan to share your music with family and friends, thanks!" (Faith F - Saddlebrooke, AZ)

Mark! I am listening to your “Trees of Life” CD today while I'm doing things around the apartment. It is beautiful! It's the first time that I have gotten a feeling of truly being at home in our apartment since we moved in. It is so relaxing and gorgeous music.    Tara W (San Diego, CA)

Growing up with a versatile piano playing mother and a skilled trombonist dad who organized his own jazz 5 piece group, I was constantly immersed in music. I studied classical music as a youth then moved on to folk, rock and choral experiences. I fronted a horn band for a few years and spent 6 years in Praise Worship groups in Ohio and Arizona. My music is sometimes hard to classify as it includes in the creative process drawing on these various elements that I have been exposed to. There are some classical elements, a few jazzy chords and transitions here and there and rock and pop infusions to try to give it backbone and not just put you to sleep like elevator music sometimes can. 

I am also fond of New Age genre music and it is reflected in the stylings on many of my project CDs. All I can say is "take a listen." My original music is for now all instrumental with no lyrics/singing. My live performances include instrumental and vocal renditions of songs from the 1950's to present. 

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