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I am very proud and privileged to be included on this annually issued New Age compilation (its 10th Anniversary Edition) by the New Age Music Circle. They selected one of my original tracks (Summer Interlude) to be included on the project with the likes of Peter Kater, Will Ackerman, Neil Tatar and a host of additional talented musicians and songwriters. If you use spotify you can sample and stream it now.....if you want the CDs, I have a small supply available. This music is very relaxing and offers a wide variety of instrumental melodies, spa relaxation songs, a real unique mix. To hear the music from this project, including my contribution, click the blue button above.

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Ellen O'Shaugnessy interviews me during "Conversations and Coffee" on 9/19/19 about the creative process of my songwriting.  Full program recorded and posted on YouTube. Click link below: 

Zone Music Reporter selected my album "The Diary" for its Top 20 list - New Age Category music

in Jan - April of 2018, reaching a high of number 5 on the list.

Arizona Daily Star interview

Q and A on the making of the album (CD) "Biosphere"

May 15, 2014 12:00 am  •  By Phil Villarreal
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Professional Review
(excerpts from May 2022)

Artist: Mark Freshwater 2022       

39 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons  (

Circle of Life is the ninth album from pianist/composer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Freshwater. Almost three years in the making, the first two pieces composed for the album also inspired the title. The first, "Elise Marie," celebrates the birth of Mark's thirteenth grandchild, and the second, "June's Final Adventure," is an homage to his late mother-in-law. In October 2019, Mark had cervical surgery that saved his right hand, fingers and arm. He was in physical therapy for months, but was able to start playing the piano again - with some difficulty - in the spring of 2020. As he healed, Mark's interest in songwriting waned for most of the rest of the year and performance opportunities were few and far between due to Covid. At the end of 2020, Mark and his wife moved from Arizona back to Ohio to be closer to family. Fortunately, the move renewed Mark's interest in composing and he completed Circle of Life in February 2022.

With the extended time span between albums and such a range of life experiences during that period, it is no wonder that the moods and expressive qualities from one piece to the next are varied. Some of the pieces are solo piano and some are more orchestrated, but the album holds together beautifully and has a soothing, peaceful vibe. I have reviewed all but one of Mark Freshwater's albums, and I think this could easily be his best work to date.