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Sold Out Show - Nov 7, 2015 Tucson, AZ

The band "Freshwater" circa 1972-3

Pat Jeany, Mark Kreis, Chuck Wilson, Dennis Shobelock - me top center

4 Wheel Drive reunion "jam and toast"

July 5, 2017

In memory of Bill Nicklaus

Don Blakely (top left) as our new drummer

Below:  Mark and Brenda Jean getting it on with the audience ------ "Wade in the Water"

Mozart's Ballroom - Columbus, OH

October 5, 2014

4 Wheel Drive - 2015 Reunion Jam>>>

Left to right:

Rich Gaskalla, Mark, Bill Nicklaus, Stan Dixon

Bill Nicklaus passed away December 2016

and will be sorely missed by bandmates

 biosphere - ORACLE, AZ


Mark Freshwater, known to his closest of friends as Mo, performed Chautauqua Institute's Strohl Art Gallery last week. Director Judy Barie, invited Mark to play the opening of the "Surface" show attended by many of the artists, their friends and relatives from across the US.
Mo did a two hour set, diligently tickling the keys, pausing only to sip some cold Aqua Fina, which me as his roadie kept him amply supplied with. The first hour started in Mo's classical style, very apropos for an art opening, doing tunes from his first CD, Nuevo Piano and second, Biosphere. this allowed him to visit with people who would stop by to exchange a story, while he played on...  The second hour allowed Mark to exercise his vocal chords, albeit in a soft way, doing those tunes that we all recognize.

Judy commented that she and her guests noticed that the music seemed to absorb some of the "talking noise" that a crowded opening can sometimes have.  After the opening, the artists were invited to a salad and pasta dinner, seated in the gallery. Did I mention the pies? The artists commented that it was such an honor and so cool to have dinner in such a beautiful space surrounded by their work.
And then, as soon as the pies were served, Judy said it was time for the Stained Soul Reunion (it's 45 years for us) to take place at the after party. I think that the songs we play together are an interesting blend of two distinctive styles, that generally work together. Mo is responsible for the vocal duties however is kind enough to let Otis yell out a verse or refrain, no mic necessary.

Our best new fan, and we had several at night's end was our new friend Jamie's daughter, a one year old who, as soon as we started playing, lit up, schooched herself over to us and did spinners on the floor, dancing away. One might ask what would bring on this kind of desired behavior in a child? Her mother explained that Jamie played mandolin as she was born. Mo and I never got any pie, the experience was rich enough.                                 Posted By "Otis" Frank Cservak    (July 2014)

Official "Biosphere" CD launch: Biosphere II 
​Rain Forest Sat 4/12/14 - see pic below