Below:  Mark and Brenda Jean getting it on with the audience ------ "Wade in the Water"

Mozart's Ballroom - Columbus, OH

October 5, 2014

 biosphere - ORACLE, AZ

The band "Freshwater" circa 1972-3

Pat Jeany, Mark Kreis, Chuck Wilson, Dennis Shobelock - me top center

​note: Pat Jeany passed away Feb 2019

4 Wheel Drive reunion "jam and toast"

July 5, 2017

In memory of Bill Nicklaus

Don Blakely (top left) as our new drummer

Otis Cservak on guitar with Mark at the Art Museum in Chautauqua, NY

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4 Wheel Drive - 2015 Reunion Jam>>>

Left to right:

Rich Gaskalla, Mark, Bill Nicklaus, Stan Dixon

Bill Nicklaus passed away December 2016

and will be sorely missed by bandmates

Official "Biosphere" CD launch: Biosphere II 
​Rain Forest Sat 4/12/14 - see pic below

Sold Out Show - Nov 7, 2015 Tucson, AZ

300+ guests - dinner, music and dance

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